Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Notable New Release: MY SEXY VALENTINE By Ike Rose and others

Thanks for letting me visit your Blog, Rick, to talk a bit about my first real release as an author in the new Anthology, My Sexy Valentine, released in e-book version last week by Sizzler Editions.

My story, "My Valentine Prince", an m/m erotic historic Romance set in 1975-1977 appears with another m/m Romance by Michael Mandrake featuring a rock star with Ausperger's Syndrome ; Em Petrova's mixed ménage romance with five horny Frenchmen helping a dumped bride forget her ex-fiance; and Daisy Harris's hilarious comedic straight romance featuring our old friend Cupid as a jaded modern punk with a quota to fill. All the stories center around that "special day" for love.

I've begun chronicling my adventures of "transitioning" from a talented amateur writer with a fan base of around 90 on the NIFTY archives to a paid writer on my own Blog at http://ikerose.blogspot.com/, so I won't go into that part of my life, except to say that it's been an adventure.

I suspect that all writers get asked the same question that I keep getting asked by my fans, and now by a few Bloggers who have asked me to be a guest: "Where do you get your ideas from?"

Well, they told us in school: "Write about what you know…"

So I do.

Fans of my NIFTY stories have noticed that almost all of my stories take place between 1965 and 1985, the period of my own slow coming out process and early gay sexual adventures. As a product of a working-class family, I tend to focus on blue-collar men struggling with coming out during that period. I'm basically writing abut my life, or how I wish it'd been.

"My Valentine Prince" falls into that category: the story if a working-class biker-hunk with a college education who struggles with his internal homophobia to come out, and then with class prejudice to raise in his chosen career. He is searching for "Prince Charming", and thinks he found him until Valentine's Day, when he finds himself having to choose between two men he loves; he one he thought he'd never see again, and the one he'd been dating for a year.

I won't tell you which one he picks. You'll have to buy the book to find out, but you can read an excerpt and a bonus cut scene on my website.

I stay in that time period because I've been in a monogamous relationship for twenty-nine years, and since we're both homebodies, I really have no clear picture of the contemporary gay scene. However, I find that young gay men today have very little idea of what it was like back then, so I find myself an historical romance writer by inclination.

Thanks again for having me as a guest, Rick.

(My stories on the Nifty Archives, a free erotica story website, can be found under my accidental pen-name there, Oldtimer25 at http://www.nifty.org/nifty/frauthors.html)
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  1. Hey Ike, thx for the shout.

    That story is awesome, one of my favorites and I am very proud that I'm in the antho with you.

    You're so talented, you need to get published more. Start writing!


    S aka MM

  2. Hi Ike! (And Rick too!)

    Thanks for the shout-out. I hear ya about writing about the era during which you actually went out in the dating world. In one of my recent books, the bad guys pressure the hero into snorting a line of ketamine (aka Special K). I've since been informed that nobody does K anymore- and that the drug was only popular during the 90s (when I was in my 20s.)

    So yeah, it's hard to write in "present" day, when most of your social life took place in the past- even if it was the recent past.

    Good for you!

    Cheers, Daisy

  3. Of course, I can write about an alternative Universe a similar to ours, where there are no STDs, but cell phones were introduced in 1950 - anybody besides me remember Dick Tracy and his wrist video-phone?