Friday, July 26, 2013

Lambda Literary Gives RAINING MEN a Rave!

I woke up to a very positive review of my latest, Raining Men, today at the Lambda Literary Review and have to say I'm thrilled. Not only was the review a rave, it was also extremely well-done in its thoughtful analysis of the book's themes. Dick Smart is one smart reviewer! This is the kind of review that lets a writer know his work is being carefully evaluated.

In part, the review, which called the book a "superb sequel" says:

"While this is a romance novel and deals with the personal cri de coeur of one man, the power of Reed’s writing is his ability to provoke deeper discussions about the meaning of gay sexuality in a popular genre like romance. Coming out just before the Supreme Court decision striking down DOMA, Reed’s novel almost serves as a fictional commentary upon that decision and the meaning of gay marriage for our community."

Read the whole review here.  

Get Raining Men here.

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