Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Shocked My Proofreader

Oh dear, my editor at MLR Press was kind enough to slip me the comments of the proofreader for one of my next books, Tales from the Sexual Underground (coming out in March; it's a collection of my gay erotic fiction/non-fiction). The comments, by a ruffian known as Mr. Nowell Briscoe, ruffled my feathers.

I share them with you below. And here I was hoping he would be touched by the heart warming content of the book. I was disappointed yet again.

"Lordy me..... Never in my life have I read such as was contained in this offering! And I considered myself somewhat proficient in the art of the gay world.....WRONG!!! Compared to the deranged Mr. Reed, I am just a novice, a babe in the woods. But after reading this, it is almost enough to make me run back into the closet and SLAM the door and lock it! Mercy, mercy.....mercy!

I found no errors or goof-ups in this so you may proceed. Now I will go back to my tame-by-comparison books for comfort and solace and try to put much of what I read out of my mind. I now see what you meant by increasing your knowledge of men's penises!

I am in hopes that Victor's story is up to his usual standards cause Lordy me, I need something calm and reassuring.......

Your worn to a nub and beyond that proofer....."

Tales can be bought here. I guess it should have carried a warning for those equipped with delicate sensibilities.

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  1. OMG Rick!! With comments like that, you know I have to get it. When in March is it available? Definitely adding to my increasing Rick Reed collection. Have a great weekend!

  2. It should be available in ebook this coming week...and print a couple weeks after that.

    Also Blue Moon Cafe comes out next week from Amber Quill.

  3. Terrific comments, Rick. Congrats on another well written, gripping novel. I'll be watching your blog for the release date.

  4. I'd put that on the back cover! Priceless!

    Sally Miller, Synergy Press, Editor/Publisher

  5. I think the books looks interesting, and I'll be purchasing it! Great blog btw.

  6. As a reader, I'm amused by the sheer hyperbole and drama of his comments.

    As an author, I sincerely empathize with your ruffled feathers. I'd be more than ruffled myself.

    As a proofer, I'm disappointed and a little ticked off. It's not our place to judge the work we are proofing, our job is to check for errors, plain and simple. Of course, we form opinions, but they don't belong anywhere outside our own heads unless solicited.

    Looks like a great collection, Rick!