Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CAREGIVER Gets a Rave Review from Amos Lassen

Just wanted to share with you a wonderful review I just got for CAREGIVER from veteran GLBT reviewer, Amos Lassen. In part, he said:

"Reed has written this book as a tribute to those who are gone and I am certain that each person who has been touched by loss because of AIDS will find a lot to identify with here.

"I have read so much about AIDS that I was not sure I could handle another book so I approached Reed’s novel with trepidation and knowing that I would be affected by it from the moment I opened the covers. Once I began, I was pulled into the story and I could not stop reading. There were moments that I wept as I read and I really went through a catharsis by the time I finished the book."

Read the full review here.

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  1. I just wanted to thank you again for Blood Sacrifice. So exciting. I'm currently reading Caregiver, with two other of your books waiting on my Kindle. It'll be a Rick R. Reed galore for me over the next month.

    I have a hard time sleeping after watching horror movies. Aside from The Shining, your books will be my first horror reads!

  2. So apparently last year's Amos Lassen Amazon debacle hasn't cracked your rose-tinted glasses in the slightest. A gushing review from a serial plagiarist is nothing to brag about. You'd be better served citing who he ripped off for his review.