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Love Romances Cafe "Best of 2011" Nominees

2011 LRC's "Best of" Awards Nominee List

Best Book of 2011
TJ Klune-Bear, Otter and the Kid
Rick R. Reed-Caregiver
Kat Martin-Against the Storm
RJ Scott-Texas Winter
Cooper Mackenzie-Thanksgiving at Sanctuary
Rita Sawyer-Her Mr. Wrong
Lee Brazil-Keeping House
Marianne Stephens-Anything You Can Do
Kiru Taye-His Treasure
Kim Harrison-Pale Demon
Sherrilyn Kenyon-No Mercy
KA Mitchell_Bad Boyfriend
Kim Dare-Written Request
DJ Manly- Extreme Sports
Aleksandre Voinov-Dark Soul Vol 1
Sue Brown-Nothing Ever Happens

Best Paranormal/Fantasy Book
Andrea Speed-Pretty Monsters
Protect & Serve: Sex on a Hoof by Silvia Violet
Aurora Rose Lynn- Sweet as fire
Cynthia Sax-Fangs in the Frosting
Stephanie Burke-How not to date a fae
Desiree Holt-Silent Hunter
Lark LaTroy-Here Be Dragons
Alisha Rai-Hot as Hades
Brannan Black-Wolfman 5: Genesis
Stormy Glenn-Cat's Pride
Dakota Dawn-Desperate Fay King
Lynn Hagen-Tater's Bear
Cindy Spencer Pape-Motor City Witch
Marjorie M. Liu-The Wild Road
Sophie Jordan-Vanish
Rowen Speedwell-Bitterwood
L. Shannon- The Wish
Lynne Connolly-Griffin's Treasure

Best GBLT Book
Damon Suede-Hot Head
Laura Harner -Ty Hard
SJD Peterson-Quinn's Need
Margie Church-Hard as Teak
Amber Kell-Trials of Tam
TJ Klune-Bear, Otter & The Kid
Patricia Logan-Captive Lover
Brannan Black-Wolfman 4: Salvation
Laura Tolomei-Re-Scue
RJ Scott-Texas Winter
DC Juris-Orion's Way
LA Witt-Ex Equals
Cat Grant- Once a Marine

Best Contemporary Book
Debbie Macomber-1225 Christmas Tree Lane
Damon Suede-Hot Head
Andrew Grey- Love Means…Healing
Amber Kell-Taking Care of Charlie
Lily Harlem-Orchestrating Maneuvers
Johnny Miles-Learning to Samba
Desiree Holt-All Jacked Up
Sherryl Woods-Driftwood Cottage
Lee Brazil- Keeping House
G. A. Hauser-Down & Dirty
Rita Sawyer-Deliberately Brazen
Chris Quinton-Home and Hearth
Casey Crow-Can't Fake This
ZA Maxfield-The Book of Daniel
Lee Brazil- Telling the Truth
Dominique Eastwick-Hunting JC
Cat Johnson-Cole
Lena Matthews-Priceless
Grace Wen-The Imperfect Wife
Laura Tolomei- The Pirate's Seduction

Best Historical Romance Book
Gwen Masters-After all these years
Kay Berrisford-Bound for the Forest
Angela Claire-Mastering Lady Macalister
Cindy Spencer Pape-Steam and Sorcery
Erastes-Muffled Drum
Julie Moffett-Her Kilt Clad Rogue
Great Ceaser's Ghost by Cindi Myers
Lizzie T. Leaf-Making Christmas
Rain Chapman-Finding the One
Jianne Carlo-The Seducer

Best BDSM Book
Cherise Sinclair: To Command and Collar
Desiree Holt-Bite the bullet
Claire Thompson-Switch
Cooper McKenzie-Silken Bonds
Cassandra Carr-Caught
Sophie Oak-Siren in Waiting
Allyson Young-Wishes
Lila Munro-Three to Keep
DC Juris-Orion's Way
Jianne Carlo-Deviant Devil
Kim Dare-Orders Enclosed
Brita Addams-Romeo Club 1: Surprises
Kari Gregg-Collared

Best Mystery/Romantic Suspense/Thriller Book
Gwen Masters-After all these years
Desiree Holt-F-Stop
Wynter Daniels-Protective Custody
Josh Lanyon-Snowball in Hell
Ellery Adams-A Deadly Cliché
Destiny Blaine-Guarded Secrets
June Kramin-Double Mocha, Heavy on Your Phone Number
JD Robb-New York to Dallas
Derek Thompson-The Silent Hills
Michelle Levine-Never Moon a Werewolf
KC Kendrick- Double Deuce
Lynne Connolly-Learning to Trust
Carol Preflatish- Saved by the Sheriff

Best Author of 2011
Desiree Holt
Sandy Sullivan
Anya Bast
Shelby Morgan
Selena Illyria
Diana DeRicci
Dominique Eastwick
Cassandre Dayne
Damon Suede
Andrew Grey
Kat Martin
Kelley Armstrong
G. A. Hauser
Ethan Day
Johnny Miles
Hank Edwards
Lee Brazil
Marie Harte
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Beth Wylde
Tara Lain

Best GBLT Author 2011
Andrew Grey
SJD Peterson
Margie Church
Xavier Axelson
Amber Kell
Jambrea Jo Jones
Kim Dare
Serena Yates
Carol Lynne
Bailey Bradford
TJ Klune
Mary Calmes
Sue Brown
Lynn Hagen
Stormy Glenn
Joyee Flynn
Chris Quinton
Brannan Black
Johnny Miles
ZA Maxfield

Best Cover of 2011
Damon Suede-Hot Head
Laura Harner-Ty Hard
Andrew Grey: Work Me Out
Cherise Sinclair: Club Shadowlands 6: To Command and Collar
SJD Peterson-Quinn's Need
Silvia Violet-Paws on Me (Serve & Protect)
Serena Yates-Convincing Landon
Carol Lynne-Sunset Ridge
Desiree Holt-Bite the bullet
Johnny Miles-Learning to Samba
GA Hauser-Down and Dirty
Sandy Sullivan-Two for the price of one
Cari Quinn-Unwrapped
Lee Brazil-Loving Jacob
Sherrilyn Kenyon-No Mercy
JD Robb-New York to Dallas
Lacey Alexander-Hot for Santa
Ally Blue-Convergence
Damon Suede-Grown Men

Best Cover Artist
Reese Dante
Jinger Heaston
Posh Gosh
Kelly Shorten
Beth Walker
Dawné Dominique
Valerie Tibbs
Angela Knight
Anne Cain
Justin James
Scott Carpenter
Stella Price
Tuesday Dube
Croco Designs
Jet Mykles

Best e-Publisher 2011
Dreamspinner Press
Riptide Publishing
Silver Publishing
Samhain Publishing
Changeling Press
Secret Cravings Publishing
Loose Id Publishing
Liquid Silver Publishing
eXtasy Books
Champagne Books/Carnal Passions
Carina Press
Total E-Bound Publishing
Lyrical Press
Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Evernight Publishing
Decadent Publishing

Best Science Fiction/Futuristic/Dystopian Book
Amber Kell-Soldier Mine
Lena Austin-Sex World: Bodyguard
Belinda McBride-Uncommon Whore 2: If I Fall
Berengaria Brown-Raw Want
Lauren Dane-Goddess with a Blade
Michael Merriam-Last Car to Annwn Station
Linda Mooney-Captive Surrender
Fae Sutherland & Marguaritte Labbe-The Gladiator's Master
Marie Harte-Journeyman's Ride
Brannan Black- Wolfman Salvation
Lynn Lorenz-Duty Bound
Stevie Woods-Cold Fear
L. Shannon- The Jade Prince
LA Witt-A Chip in his Shoulder

Best Western/Cowboys Book
Andrew Grey-A Troubled Range
SJD Peterson-Quinn's Need
Amber Kell-Tyler's Cowboy
Desiree Holt-Bite the bullet
Belinda McBride, Sierra Cartwright & Cherise Sinclair-Doms of Dark Haven 2: Western Night
Destiny Blaine-Roping in Forever
Sandy Sullivan-Two for the price of one
Stacey Espino-Hogtying the Cowgirl
Elle Saint James & Lara Santiago-Unbridled and Unbranded
Debra Kayn-Chantilly's Cowboys
Desiree Holt-Stark Naked
Lorilei James-Cowboy Casanova
 Heidi Champa- The Right Wrong Turn
Sue Brown- Morning Report

Best Ménage Book (any combination as long as it's three or more people in the relationship)
Imari Jade-Rhapsody 
Wendy Zwadiuk-Savin' Me
Cari Quinn-Unwrapped
Berengaria Brown-Untamable
Tonya Ramagos-Running from Angel
Gale Stanley-Spitfire
Lila Munro-Three to Keep
Caitlyn Willows-Cataphilia
Giselle Renarde-Painting with Brushes
Lillith Grey-At His Throat, A Promise
Jennifer Labelle-Spice It Up
Sandy Sullivan- Love Me Once, Love me Twice

Best Anthology Book
Chasing the Dream
Christmas Advent Series (DSP)
Subspace (TEB)
Doms of Dark Haven 2: Western Night (Loose id)
Holiday Kisses (Carina)
Men Under the Mistletoe (Carina)
Story Orgy Vol 1 (Breathless Press)

Best Series All Around
Serve & Protect Series Multi-Author Series
Gym Series by Andrew Grey
Larson Legacy Series by Amber Kell
Supernatural Mates series by Amber Kell
Blood Slave: Nibirui Vampire Warriors by DJ Manly and AJ Llewellyn
Phoenix Agency by Desiree Holt
How Not to…by Stephanie Burke
Wolfman series by Brannan Black
Badlands Series by Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod
Whispering Pines Ranch Series by SJD Peterson
Marie Harte's Dawn Endevour Series
Genetic Attraction Series by Tara Lain
Lady Blue Crew by Stormy Glenn, Lynn Hagen
Cowboy Boots Series by Natalie Acres
Sherman Series by Dominique Eastwick
Truth or Dare Series by Lee Brazil
Dark/Dream Hunters by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Hollow Series by Kim Harrison
In Death Series by JD Robb
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