Monday, April 29, 2019


This book is for anyone who wants to live an honest, authentic, and loving life, despite the risks they might encounter by doing so.

Connie Tuttle's spiritual journey is a must-read for anyone who has ever had to hide or even felt the need to hide who they are from the world. She demonstrates by example how difficult yet liberating living one's own spiritual and life truth can be.

This book is for all of us.

Take one wildly naive, deeply flawed, completely unconventional woman and stir in God. Add to the mix that she is a lesbian, feminist, army brat, and single mom, and what you get is an earnestly radical Christian on a mission. Her response to an insistent call to prophetic ministry is acutely human and terminally messy. Prone to veer off course, she wrestles angels who repeatedly return her to her trajectory. The prophetic ministry to which she is called ends up taking place in hundreds of small daily acts rather than the great act that she had hoped for.

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

PENANCE has a new cover!

Here's the cover for the brand-new reissue of the paperback edition (from Untreed Reads) of my novel about Chicago streetkids and the monster who preys on them.

This will be the first time PENANCE has been back in print in decades. For comparison, I'm also showing the original Dell paperback cover from 1991. 

Bound by misery. Marked by sin. Set free by death.

Barely into their teens, without homes, they dwell in neon shadows, the violent eddies of urban America. They trade their innocence for money, abuse their hopes, and then a monster comes...

A monster without fangs or claws, but more deadly. Because of them, he has lost everything: his wife, his family. And he vows to clean the streets of Chicago...for good.

One of the street kids and a man of the cloth form a desperate pact. Together, they will find the madman whose basement has become a chamber of horrors...

PENANCE was part of Dell Abyss' remarkable horror line, lauded by none other than Stephen King.

The new print edition will be available soon. In the meantime, you can buy the ebook here