Monday, May 12, 2014

DINNER AT HOME Is Out! Win an Autographed Copy!

UPDATE: We have a winner! Trix, aka Vitajex, your book will soon be on its way. I have e-mailed you.

Dinner at Home, my "romance with recipes," is officially out! Read on and find out how you can win a free autographed copy.


It only takes a few days for Ollie D'Angelo to lose his boyfriend, his job, and his home. Instead of mourning what he doesn’t have, Ollie celebrates what he does: the freedom to pursue his real passion—cooking. He begins Dinner at Home, a home-catering business, and it takes off.

Late one night, Ollie catches Hank Mellinger, a streetwise hood down on his luck, about to rob his car. Ollie soon discovers that appearances aren’t necessarily what they seem. Hank isn’t a criminal caught red-handed, but a hungry young man trying to make a life for himself and the four-year-old niece he’s trying desperately to take care of. 

Instead of calling the cops, Ollie offers Hank a job and a way to pull himself up by his bootstraps. Together, they discover they can really cook... and that their shared passion for food just might lead to a passion for each other.

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If you want to win a free, autographed copy of Dinner at Home, you gotta follow the recipe. Here are the simple rules:

1. Go to the Amazon Kindle page for Dinner at Home and click on "Look Inside!" just above the book's cover image. Read the excerpt and answer the following questions.
A. At the opening of the book (Amuse Bouche), Ollie makes a salad for his lover. What are the ingredients for both the salad and the dressing?
What Seattle neighborhood does main character Ollie D'Angelo live in at the start of the book?
What special occasion does Ollie prepare a celebration breakfast for in Chapter One?
What's the name of the charity that houses and teaches Hank Mellinger to cook?

2. E-mail me your responses at
BONUS!! 3. If you're on Twitter or Facebook, send out a message to your followers, urging them to enter the contest. You could say: Rick R. Reed is giving away an autographed copy of his latest book, DINNER AT HOME! Details: 

That's it! I will draw one winner from all e-mails received on Friday, May 16. Unfortunately, because of the prohibitive cost of mailing, this contest is open only to US residents. If you're outside the US and would like to win an ebook of Dinner at Home, simply follow the steps above (and note that you are outside the US) and I will enter you for the digital version in the format of your choice.

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