Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rainbow Awards

Hi All,

I’m honored that five of my books are in the running to become finalists for the brand-new Rainbow Awards, an award especially for GLBT fiction. The books are:

Bashed (Paranormal/horror)

A Face Without a Heart (Paranormal/horror)

IM (Paranormal/horror and Mystery/thriller)

NEG UB2 (Contemporary)

VGL Male Seeks Same (Contemporary)

If you’ve enjoyed these books and think they deserve a place in the finalist round (which is a judged competition), I’d be very grateful to you if you’d take the time to vote for them…and with any other recently-published favorite GLBT books.

I have to tell you, voting is tricky. You must have an OpenID or a LiveJournal account to vote. If you have either of these, just sign in to your account with username and password, click on the links below and vote. If you do not have a Live Journal Account, it’s easy to create one (and free! Although they will try to sell you an “upgraded” account…just say “No, thanks). It only takes a couple of minutes.

Here are the links to vote for the books above. Thanks in advance if you decide to help me out.

To vote for Bashed, IM, or A Face Without a Heart, click here

To vote for IM as mystery/thriller, click here

To vote for VGL Male Seeks Same or NEG UB2, click here

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