Thursday, March 11, 2010


So what do you think? "Sluggo" is an ebook short that will be out in early April from Amber Allure (Amber Quill Press's GLBT imprint).

Here's a little synopsis:

When Sluggo cruised online chat rooms, he wasn’t looking for a hook-up; he was looking for love. But love has a way of being elusive, especially when you’re not being honest. Presenting himself as “Sir Raven,” Sluggo promises his chat room cohorts he is the “master of the night.”

And then he meets someone who challenges him—someone who claims the title, “master of the night” as his own. TepesAllure’s enigmatic and flirtatious messages to Sluggo start out as fun banter, but quickly turn to eerie disquiet.

How does TepesAllure know so much about Sluggo life? How can he know—without even a picture to go on—what Sluggo looks like? And what’s all this about an age numbering in the centuries and a curious taste for blood?

Has Sluggo snared a vampire? Or has the vampire snared him? As the night unfolds, so do the advances of TepesAllure…and even when Sluggo tries to escape, he finds that getting out is not nearly as easy as getting in.

But to make their online connection real, TepesAllure needs Sluggo to invite him in. Will Sluggo succumb to Tepes’ allure? And will the man of his dreams turn out to be a nightmare?

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  1. Nicely done cover and a vampire story to add to my collection. I'm a huge vampire fan. ;-D

  2. Interesting cover to go with an even more fascinating story. ;)

  3. Love the cover, and the story sounds great, cant wait to dl it to my Kindle :) And you know I will let you know what I think :P