Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wise Words from MLR Press Publisher Laura Baumbach

Laura Baumbach is not only a terrific writer, she is also the founder and head of the publishing house MLR Press. Recently, in a group post to her authors, she shared some thoughts on publishing m/m romance and why she does what she does. Laura's passion for the genre shines so clearly through, I thought it was admirable and wanted to share it with you here:

I started this press because I wanted our category of romance to have the same fair shake as the rest of the romance community, not to have an income. Money wasn't even in the equation when I started this press with William Maltese, Josh Lanyon and myself as the only authors. I knew I couldn't make enough to live on with my writing. Very few of us can. Ah, to be John Grisham!  

Ten years ago, heck, six years ago, we couldn't get much of anything into print with any of the existing romance houses and to be a respected part of the romance community you had to have print books on the store shelves. So I decided to make it so. As it turns out, it was actually the last available opportunity to get our foot in the door before print went to 'fade to black'. Who knew? The timing was just right. 

And now, we have that foothold. We have our own RWA chapter, recognition from the community, a growing readership and some clout and RESPECT in the industry we inhabit. And we have our books on the shelves. Not all of you may share my original goal, and you don't have to, it's altruistic I know, but it's my purpose. And yes, making some money would be a nice plus. But gaining recognition and respect is the building block to making that happen. 

Visit MLR Press and see how they've grown!
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  1. I not only share your original goal, Laura, I applaud it! Lovely post, and lovely sentiments. :)

  2. Laura, those of us who write in the genre cannot be thankful enough for folks like you. You rock.

    And Rick, high five for giving props to Laura. Thank you as well.

  3. I for one can't thank you enough for taking that step. While I have not had a dream of being published, I have been writing my entire life. You have made it so that there is a place out there for writers to share their individual ideas. And while it may not have been a dream of mine, it has recently become a goal, and MLR has made that goal a reality!

    Thank you!
    AJ Kelton

  4. They just don't get any better in the publishing business than Laura!

  5. Laura has been kind enough to accept my work for publication for several years now. She is--something that is perhaps respected above all else for a writer--loyal to her authors. In turn, unquestionably, her authors are loyal to her. Laura does, indeed, rock!!!

  6. This was awesome and I am for one am grateful that MLR was around with such wonderful people to walk me through my first experience in the writing world. And from the bottom of my heart I thank you.

  7. It's time for our category to really shine! We're with you all the way, Laura! xx

  8. Laura is a real pioneer, as well as visionary and an activist. As well as a force of Nature, of course. Thank you Laura, for doing all you have to establish m/m romance as a viable genre.

    And thanks, Rick, for sharing this.

  9. Thanks for sharing this post, Laura and Rick. I'm proud to be an MLR author, and constantly mind-boggled by what a supportive group this press is.