Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SPOTLIGHT: Rock My Socks Off

It's nice when the title of an author's new book and the reaction it elicits from a reader are one in the same. Case in point: Rock My Socks Off by Jeremy Edwards.

Below the author shares a little bit about his book and a delicious taste.


Writer Jacob Hastings is uninspired by his latest assignment: a museum full of
hideous rocking horses. But his socks are rocked by Normandie Stephens, a
mischievous astronomer who can match his dry wit, quip for quip, and his sexual
appetite, frolic for frolic, with energy to spare.

Thanks to Jacob's public relations and the machinations of a feisty and frisky
mentor named Kate, an impasse in Normandie's career promises to blossom into
either glory or disaster--with enigmatic photographer Susan and obtuse clubber
Brandon along for the wild rocking-horse ride. Between farcical talk show appearances, sensuous threesomes, horny little quickies, sex-drenched romantic getaways, and close calls with utter embarrassment, the pace never lets up in this smart erotic romp.


Susan's studio was set up as the best-lit bedroom they had ever seen.

"How did you get that bed in?" Jacob asked. It was a luxurious, sprawling
affair--suitable for luxurious, sprawling affairs--that obviously could not have
fit through the door.

"I assembled it here, when I first got the studio," Susan said softly.

"Aha," said Normandie. "So this won't be your first erotic shoot."

Susan put a hand to her mouth to stifle her already-nearly-silent laughter. Her
eyes were pixie-like. "Not exactly. But it will be my best."

Jacob, unsure of how to get the proceedings underway, began to unbutton his

"Would you please keep your shirt on," said Susan, with a distinctive tone of
meek firmness. The combination of her natural timidity and the confidence that
came with being in charge, on her own turf, was an interesting one, Jacob

"You mean my actual shirt?" He'd never heard the expression used literally

"Jacob is such a he-man," said Normandie, with a straight face. "You can't get
the guy to keep his shirt on for five minutes at a time. It's very embarrassing
at formal events."

"I have a gradual progression of scenes in mind," Susan explained. "I promise
you will both be undressed before we're finished."

"I hope so," said Jacob, "or I'm going to want my money back."

"I'm paying you," Susan reminded him.

"Where would you like us to pose, Susan?" asked Normandie.

"The bed," said Susan, indicating what was, in fact, the only piece of furniture
within the area she had lit. "Please take only your shoes off and sit on the
edge, for now. You can touch, but no orgasms or anything yet."

"You heard the lady," said Jacob to Normandie as they assumed their positions.
"Don't go sneaking in an orgasm before she's ready."

"Damn," said Normandie. "I think I'm already having one."

The author, relaxing at home. Visit Jeremy online here.

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  1. I must put this on my to buy list. I couldn't believe how involved I got in the excerpt. Hope it's a best seller for you, Jeremy. Rick, it looks like you have recommended another winner.

  2. Wow, thank you, Melissa! And thank you, Rick, for your generous hospitality!


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