Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Romance Writer Charlie Cochrane on Why She Writes

Charlie Cochrane writes good romantic fiction, really good romantic fiction. But why does she do it? Read on and find out...

I could be flippant and say that, like O’Brian’s Dr Maturin, I’m a serial obsessive and writing is my latest ‘thing’. However, it’s gone on too long to be just a passing fad – I stared in fanfic (yes, shoot me now) about five years ago and haven’t stopped penning stuff since.

So why do I carry on when the time expended doesn’t equal the financial reward gained?

  • Because every e-mail or comment from someone who’d read one of my books and it’s made them laugh or cry means as much as a pocket full of five pound notes. It’s just about the greatest thrill (with certain notable exceptions) a woman of my age gets.
  • Because it’s a fantastic way of using what’s already in my brain. I’ve daydreamed all my life, made up stories in my head all my life – it’s great to put them into a work of fiction.
  • Because I have these blooming characters in my head now, itching to escape and have their stories told. Nag, nag, nag – worse than children.
  • Because some of the writers I’ve met online are some of the nicest people I know and logging in of a morning is like stepping into the office. And it’s nice to have two jobs (writing and freelance training) that I can do mainly from the comfort of my own home.
  • And last – but by no means least – because Him Indoors would like me to have a JKR type success and allow him to have the early retirement he dreams of. Pipedream maybe, but a nice one. 

As Charlie Cochrane couldn't be trusted to do any of her jobs of choice (like managing a rugby team) she writes. Her favorite genre is historical gay fiction,  but she's making an increasing number of forays into the modern day. Visit her online here.  

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  1. Cor - I sound almost erudite in this!
    Thanks for making me so welcome, Rick.


  2. Excellent reasons! And I know what you mean - logging on is exactly like stepping into a busy office full of other writers beavering away or readers who stop by your desk and say hello.

    I appreciate Mr Cochrane's reasons too. Nod nod.

  3. Nicely, put, Charlie. Hope you keep on writing.

  4. Erastes

    Don't go giving that Mr C any further ideas. He's even talking about learning the business and becoming my agent. *shakes head*

    I always think of you as one of the people in the cubicle next door. You too, Rick - is it your turn to buy the cakes?


  5. Charlie, it's always a joy to log in and find you there - as you say, just like in the next cubicle (though I can't imagine either of us in the cubicle world.)

    Keep doing what you do, luv.


  6. Victor

    No cubicles for me. That's what's nice about working from home, too - nice, Edwardian study (sounds grand, it isn't).

    I'll get Erastes to get the kettle on and I'll make us all tea to go with the krispy Cremes, unless anyone has scone to hand?


  7. You do sound erudite :) Also my family agree with Mr.C and have already planned where to put the swimming pool and second garage.

    What are Krispy Cremes?

  8. Your family and mine would get on like a house on fire. Hubbys could talk Cambridge and girls could talk fashion while we drool over sailors...

    Krispy Kremes are those donuts which are appearing everywhere - in malls, in tescos - with the icing and really sickly flavours. Let's have two each if Rick's buying...


  9. Charlie! You seem almost sane in this post. Are you okay?


    Chris who really should be making the tea as under-minion.

  10. (Waves from the cubicle at the far end of the room)

    Hey, if Mr. C decides to become your agent, he really might manage that early retirement. Your Reason #2 really resonates. Most of the good writers I know are walking repositories of weird information and a story's always so much more interesting with the odd little facts woven in.

  11. Chris

    Sssh! Rick doesn't know what I'm really get that tea on!


  12. Lee

    *nods* Snappers up of unconsidered trifles, we wroters.

    If Mr C is a success I'll sublet him to you. :)