Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why AM Riley, Author of IMMORTALITY IS THE SUCK, Writes

Today, we have multi-faceted m/m romance and horror author AM Riley with us. AM gives us a fascinating glimpse into her creative process. Read on...

Why I Write
By AM Riley

I have always loved the sound of my own voice. And, by ‘my own voice’ I mean the one in my head, not that nasal, Chicago accented, sound that comes out of my mouth whenever I speak.

The voice in my head. The androgynous, cynical worldy weirdo, has been driving me crazy with commentary since I was seven and stayed for several nights in a hospital following an appendectomy. It first came out of the mouth of a hand puppet that the hospital gave kiddies. Pink, with a pom pom at the top of his pointed hat. A bump of a nose and a mouth shaped like an open ‘V’. Shades of Chuckie, man. At first he was my sidekick. He said, “Holy Gadzooks, Batman!” He said, “I don’t know, Yogi, I don’t think the nurses would like that.” He said, “What are we going to do today, Pinkie?” And I said, “Take over the world!” It was only later that I became HIS sidekick.

I started writing him down when I was in Junior High Sschool. So. Part of the reason I write is to indulge that voice.

And then, I crave Justice. With the capital ‘J’. I crave murderers and mean people getting their comeuppance. I crave sacrifice having meaning. I crave everybody finding that one person that can love them for themselves. I can’t get that in life but I can make it happen in stories. And so I do.

And, finally, there’s a certain sort of book I look for at bookstores and libraries and seldom find. When I do I read it over and over until the pages disintegrate. Those books were the only thing keeping me from flying off the wheel of life a few times, and I aspire, someday, to write one.

And that’s it.

Oh, and the fabulous amount of money I make. haha.

AM Riley is a film editor, and sometime poet, living in Los Angeles. Riley writes primarily LGBT paranormal and murder mysteries, and has been published with Torquere Press, MLR Press, and Loose ID. Visit her website.
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  1. Good morning, AM! Can I mention how I fell in love with Amor En Retrogrado?

  2. It's always interesting to hear how other writers I enjoy get to where they are. Talking hand puppets is a first for me. Fun blog.

  3. A.M. I really enjoy your books. I think 'The Elegant Corpse' was my first M/M mystery. Before that I was just reading the romances (especially the smut *grin*), thanks to you I discovered M/M can be just as great in mystery and horror as well! Also, quick plug for 'Goldilocks and his 3 bears' series....MORE MORE MORE!!!

  4. Thanks everybody. Ah... 'Goldilocks'... that was fun to write. We'll see about more later. Gay mysteries were my FIRST experience of the genre.

  5. Great post, A.M., especially this part: " there’s a certain sort of book I look for at bookstores and libraries and seldom find."

    That must be the most compelling reason of all because, I'm with you on this, the right type of book is so seldom easy to find, but it really makes life worth living!

  6. All right, I have to admit the hand puppet thing is new and original. I can see how that'd lead to writing, though, definitely. My invisible friends never went away either, but they never had physical avatars. [ponder]

    And yeah, the world needs more m/m books, and more books with GLBT characters in general. [nodnod] It's up to us to add to the supply, as a public good. :)


  7. Ive tried to find pictures of the hand puppets online, but I've never been able to.

  8. Ok, the sock puppet probably wins you an award as one of the most unique writing career beginnings I've heard of. :)

  9. Those books were the only thing keeping me from flying off the wheel of life a few times,

    I have a few of those books as well - and it's always a thrill to find them..

    The Elegant Corpse is one of my fav re-reads..



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