Thursday, May 26, 2011

New cover for ECHOES, coming in July!

It's always exciting when you see what an artist comes up with as the "face" of your book. In this case, it's the cover for ECHOES, my urban ghost/love story coming out from Amber Allure in July.

Trace Edward Zaber did a wonderful job! Below is the synopsis. How well do you think the cover matches the story?

Rick and Ernie have found the perfect loft apartment on Chicago’s west side. But before they are even settled, Rick begins having strange “dreams” that seem all too real. A young man, emaciated, with sad brown eyes, appears to him, frightening and obsessing him.

From their next-door neighbor, Paula, Rick learns of the gay couple, Karl and Tommy, who lived there before them. Paula had been close to them and Tommy’s mysterious disappearance still pains her. When she shares a photo of her with Tommy and Karl, Rick is shocked and troubled. Tommy is the man who has appeared to him in his dreams.

The dreams and the revelation put Rick on a quest to discover the truth about Tommy’s disappearance. It’s a quest that will lead him to Karl, Tommy’s lover, who may know more about Tommy’s disappearance than he’s telling, and a confrontation with a restless spirit who wants only to, finally, rest in peace.

“Echoes” blends mystery, suspense, and romance as only the writer described as the “Stephen King of gay horror” can.

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  1. You do scary really really well. After reading that little bit my heart is about to bust out of my chest. Note to all before reading Rick must drink some sloe screws. LOL Cinders

  2. Ooh very nice. Can't wait to read this one, though I must say, all of your books go to my TBR list. lol

  3. Can't wait to read and review this one, sounds awesome, love the artwork.

  4. Thanks! I'll be happy to see you get a review copy in July; just let me know how to reach you.