Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mute Witness Garners a Rave Review!

It's always a pleasure when an older book gets some attention. Recently, Mrs. Condit & Friends Read Books gave a stellar review to my 2009 child abduction/gay love story, Mute Witness

The reviewer, Becky, had this to say:
"My heart is shredded after reading this book...There are a handful of writers who can pull this kind of tale off without alienating the reader, and Rick R. Reed is one of them..."

Read the whole review here.

Sean and Austin have the perfect life. Their new relationship is only made more joyous by weekend visits from Sean’s eight-year-old son, Jason.

 And then their perfect world shatters.

Jason is missing.

When the boy turns up days later, he has been horribly abused and has lost the power to speak. Small town minds turn to the boy’s gay father and his lover as the likely culprits. Sean and Austin struggle to maintain their relationship amid the innuendo and the very real threat that Sean will, at the very least, lose the son he loves. Meanwhile, the real villain is much closer to home, intent on ensuring the boy’s muteness is permanent.

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