Monday, May 11, 2015

HIGH RISK Now Available in Audiobook--Get a FREE copy!

High Risk is one of my stranger novels...dark, sexual, and breathlessly suspenseful, it really defies categorization. Here's what the story's about:

Her secret life... 

Beth Walsh seems like such a demure housewife. The young woman is someone you'd meet at a church social, the type to take care of her attorney husband or do volunteer work. But Beth has a secret life. While her husband works, Beth slides into what she calls her "slut clothes" and goes on the prowl. She becomes a completely different woman, wanton and uninhibited, with dozens of handsome strangers...until she meets the one blindingly gorgeous stranger who will make her more than sorry for her secrets and lies.

Abbott Lowery is every woman's dream: handsome and muscular, with intense blue eyes that contrast with his thick, black hair. Women want him. Men want him. But Abbott is deeply damaged, and inside lurks a monster just waiting to be released. When Beth Walsh pursues him, it pushes a deeply buried rage to the fore, and he becomes determined to punish her. Beth and Abbott 's meeting lights the fuse on a bomb. Its explosion leads to a tale of terror and desperation so intense, it will sear everyone who knows them. High Risk is a story of secrets, tainted histories, murder, and kidnapping. Its ending is so brutal and shocking that listeners will be left breathless.

Listen as narrator Miles Taylor brings you into the world of High Risk--and see if you aren't immediately hooked!

To the first ten people who write me at and answer the following question (which you can get by listening to the sample at the Audible), I'll give you a coupon worth a FREE download of the book.

So, the question: How old is Beth Walsh's husband, Mark, as the book opens?

That's it! Just send your answer to and I'll see you a download code for one free copy.

Don't want to bother with the contest? Download your copy here:

BUY High Risk at Audible (also available at iTunes).

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