Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Call for Unity? Yes, but Not Yet...

This expresses so well what I've been feeling over the past few days. Sage words from a man whom I greatly admire--explaining why a "call for unity" from certain quarters may be premature right now. In part, John Pavlovitz says (but please read his whole blog!):
"Unity isn’t possible if the color of someone’s skin causes you to see them as less than human.Unity isn’t possible if you believe another to be morally inferior and seek to deny them the right to marry someone they love.Unity isn’t possible if you don’t grieve the shootings of one mother’s son as deeply as you would your own.Unity isn’t possible if you make a person’s faith tradition synonymous with terrorism.Unity isn’t possible if your Church advocates for the reduction of another’s basic civil liberties.Unity isn’t possible if you justify or ignore violence toward another because of their orientation, pigmentation, gender, or religion."
Read the whole essay here.

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