Monday, February 11, 2019

NEW AND NOTABLE: Typhoon Toby by RL Merrill

Last year, I went for the first time to the LA Times Festival of Books, held on the campus of USC. It's a huge fair and I was there with my publisher, Dreamspinner Press. Among the hordes descending on Los Angeles was a young writer who was just beginning her career. RL Merrill and I got along famously and I really enjoyed her company. I highly recommend it. And I also recommend her latest book, just out from Dreamspinner: TYPHOON TOBY.

My new friend has a way with words....

On the surface, Toby Griffiths appears to have it all—talent, money, a brilliant mind, and model good looks. With his best friend, Reese, he’s built an empire as a singer/songwriter.

But beneath that glittering exterior, Toby suffers the lasting effects of abuse. To keep his tempestuous past where it belongs, he insists on anonymity with lovers—no names, no personal information. But a vacation fling in Bali changes all that, and he can’t get his recent playmate out of his mind.

Therapist Spencer Hart left Bali with a bad case of pneumonia and a broken heart. Although he’s recovering, he’s shocked to find his secretive partner on TV, and he’s determined to see him again. Spencer arranges to attend one of Toby’s fundraising galas, and their reunion is tense.

Toby tries to stick to his rules… until a New Year’s kiss with Spencer washes away the last of his resistance. But Toby is a man with secrets, and when the storm comes ashore, it could devastate not just his professional life but his fledgling love affair and his longtime partnership with his best friend.

Will Spencer stand by his side and help him weather the storm as Toby faces his worst fears?

Dreamspinner Press

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