Friday, January 2, 2009

Two New Rave Reviews to Start Off the New Year!

Two New Reviews Start the Year Off Right Yesterday, I woke up to rave reviews of two of my latest e-Books, VGL Male Seeks Same and Ambrose & the Waif, (co-authored with Sukie de la Croix). Both reviews were at the Fallen Angels review site, and both were reviewed by a reader identified only as Whitney (you know, like Cher or Madonna). Whatever Whitney's last name is, I am grateful to him/her for liking my books and giving the first "five angels" and the second, four (that's like four and five stars to regular folks).

Anyway, I thought the positive reviews were a good omen for 2009, at least on the writing front. The reviews are short, so I've pasted them below:

VGL Male Seeks Same (CLICK HERE for more details and to buy)

Ethan is tired of being alone. At forty-two, he has found that the dating scene is for younger men looking for a quick hook-up, but he hasn't given up hoping that Mr. Right will come along. Sitting at home watching TV and eating frozen diet entrees isn't exactly working to ferret out the man of his dreams, though. In a fit of desperation, he signs up for an online dating service, and when his own photograph doesn't produce immediate results, he updates his profile with a "borrowed" picture of a man much more handsome than himself. Ethan's efforts are rewarded by an onslaught of email from interested men, but only one of his new pursuers actually intrigues him. Brian shares many of Ethan's interests, and they soon strike up an email correspondence.

Ethan finds himself completely enraptured by his new friend Brian, and it appears that Brian returns the sentiment. The only stumbling block is the fact that Brian believes that Ethan looks like some sort of male model. The dishonesty of the situation is just killing Ethan. How will Brian react when he finds out the truth? Will he remember their connection and all that they have in common, or will he call an end to their budding romance?

Rick Reed's VGL Male Seeks Same is a lighthearted look at the online dating scene and the games that are played in the name of romance. Sad but true, people expect a "perfect ten" online. This leads to a lot of prevarication, half-truths, or out-and-out dishonesty which in turn leads many people to hide behind digital personas that only exist in fantasy. Mr. Reed has given us a very likeable and believable character in Ethan. He is so normal and so "Joe Average" that the reader can immediately relate to him. Even though this reader was disappointed in Ethan for succumbing to the temptation to lie, I could not help but wish him well. Watching him struggle to make things right after having misled Brian is not only humorous, but it is poignant as well. Overall, VGL Male Seeks Same is humorous and touching and well worth the reading time.
Reviewed by: Whitney

Ambrose and the Waif (CLICK HERE for more details and to buy)

In a series of letters that span six months, a young man and his older lover plan the murder of the younger man's overweight partner. Their affair starts out with assertions of love and devotion; however, over time it is apparent that each man has his own motivation for murder. Love turns to hate, joy turns to anger, and madness prevails.

Ambrose and the Waif by Rick R. Reed and Sukie de la Croix is a story of love, greed, madness, and murder that is told in a series of letters. This is a fascinating and suspenseful tale that features two men who are both more and less than they appear. Mark and Ambrose unfold gradually in the eyes of the reader as the story progresses, and as the characters unfold they also morph from something sweet and beautiful to something dark and ugly and frightening. The effect is both startling and stunning. As the two men write back and forth discussing murder and then pointing blame at each other, the reader is compelled to read between the lines of the story to determine what is in actuality happening. Like a puzzle, each piece slips in to place, and it is not until you finish Ambrose and the Waif that you understand the driving force behind the men's murder plot. This story is riveting and horrifying and utterly enjoyable.
Reviewed by: Whitney

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