Wednesday, February 25, 2009

DEAD END STREET Gets a Rave Review

Just wanted to share a bit of the great review my young adult horror novel, DEAD END STREET, got today at Dark Diva Reviews (reviewed by AJ Llewellyn). AJ said:

"Petrified at the thought of the baseball bat wielding bad guy - move over Freddy Krueger, there's an even badder ass in town - I will never forget the scene in the kitchen. Ever. Reed, the horror maestro with a penchant for grabbing you by the throat and not letting go until you've turned the last page and grown a few more gray hairs, has done it again. He's penned a chilling tale made all the more real by the deadly menace lurking inside the Tuttle house..."

Read the rest of the review here.

Read an excerpt and purchase here.

The old house at the end of a dead-end street is more of a dead end than anyone realizes...

They are five misfit kids who have banded together in their small Ohio River town. Over the years, they had organized various clubs, and now they've formed the Halloween Horror Club. The premise is simple: each week, each teen spins a horrifying tale, and at the end of five weeks, the scariest story wins a prize. The twist: the stories have to be told in the infamous and abandoned Tuttle house, where, fifteen years earlier, nearly an entire family had been murdered in their beds.

The idea of the club seems like a good one, until the kids begin to realize they may not be alone in the Tuttle house, which backs up against the woods. There seems to be someone--or somethin--watching them. Is it Paul Tuttle, the son who, while still in his teens, disappeared the night his parents and sister were killed? Or is it someone even more sinister?

With each story (each a completed short, original horror tale that stands on its own), the tension mounts...and so does the anger of the house's mysterious inhabitant. He is enraged at having his space violated, and his rage could mean a real dead end for those who dare to invade his home...

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