Friday, October 30, 2009

NEW AND NOTABLE (TV) Modern Family

One of my must-records this year is the new comedy, Modern Family. It's unlike anything I've seen television do before, but it's real, funny, and has a gay couple (with a baby) at its center. The performances are uniformly excellent and the whole thing has the improvised feel of a Christopher Guest movie.

The LA Times says: "Just when we were thinking it couldn't be done, ABC's "Modern Family" has single-handedly brought the family comedy back from the dead. Astute in a way we haven't seen since, oh, I don't know, "Family Ties" or maybe "Married . . . With Children," "Modern Family" is sharp, timely and fresh, complicated enough to be interesting but with a soft, sweet center because, and I'm speaking loudly so even cable channels can hear, there is nothing wrong with that."

Look for it in ABC on Wednesday nights.

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  1. It's made it across the pond as well. Check out Sky One on Thursday nights, repeated various nights throughout the week. We watched the first one and had hysterics. :D