Friday, March 19, 2010

Will "Enriched" EBooks Fly?

I am shaking my head in wonder at how out of touch publishers are with what readers want. This latest turn smacks of desperation.

How about just giving us a good story, well told?

Here's what I'm talking about (from Eric Engleman's AMAZON BLOG):

'Enriched' e-books: Will they fly? early on made a habit of pricing digital versions of new release books at $9.99, well below hardcover list price. That irked publishers, who thought the $9.99 standard would devalue books in the minds of consumers. Now, with Apple offering publishers the ability to set higher price points (up to $14.99) on e-books, Amazon is being forced to accept such terms as well.

Now some publishers are betting that consumers will spend even more for so-called "enriched" e-books, equipped with special features. Case in point: David Baldacci's new novel, "Deliver Us From Evil," which will be available in "enriched" digital form for $15.99.

The "enriched" Baldacci novel, which comes out April 20, "will include passages deleted from the final text, research photos, an audio interview and video footage of Baldacci at work," AP reports...

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