Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Makes Carlene Rae Dater Write (& Win a FREE Book!)

Romance/paranormal author Carlene Rae Dater is not only gracing us with her presence today and giving us her thoughts on why she writes, she's giving away a FREE PDF copy of her latest book, Mysterious Gift. Mysterious Gift has an intriguing premise:
When Brian Wakefield wakes in the ER of a hospital he realizes he’s lost his memory but gained the ability to know people. With one touch, he identifies their most intimate secrets. Nurse Robin Guyer believes he’s the only man who can help her achieve sexual satisfaction but is he willing to help?

Brian not only brings Robin to new heights of ecstasy, he wants to include her in his life of wealth and privilege but first she has to help him control his Mysterious Gift. Together they travel to a shadowy New England Institute and make a startling discovery.

To win your copy of Mysterious Gift, simply leave a comment for Carlene below, along with a way to reach you should you be the lucky winner.

Now, let's get to why Carlene writes...

Why Do I Write?
By Carlene Rae Dater

Because if I didn’t my head would explode! Seriously, I love telling stories and always have. I wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. As a child, if I didn’t have my nose in a book, I would have my dolls and Teddy Bears all lined up and I’d be telling them a story. I just never thought I could tell stories for fun and profit!

I came late to the writing game. I never wrote a word for publications until I was 38 years old. Geez, just think how rich and famous I would be if I’d started earlier. Well, water under the bridge. I finally started and that’s all that matters. I began my writing career as a journalist, doing hard news, features and humorous essays. One of the great things about writing for newspapers is there are NO writer’s blocks in the newsroom. If you have a deadline, you write.

I branched out from there and started freelancing. No, it didn’t pay much but it was great fun! I kept telling stories and published them in the horror, mystery, and romance, religious and….yup, I’ll admit it – the confession market. I wrote for all the TRUE’s, TRUE LOVE, TRUE ROMANCE, TRUE EXPERIENCE….That, too, was great training for telling stories. When you write a confession story, you have to have a beginning, middle and an end, develop characters and, with confession magazines, your protagonist has to learn a life lesson. Best of all, there’s no byline! After all, they were “true.” 

Hey, I made money to feed my dogs so it was well worth it.

Sadly, I had to give up writing for 10 years while I helped my husband start a business. No, my head didn’t blow up, but I had a lot of dreams and made a lot of notes. When I could, finally, resume writing, I thought it might be fun to write a book. How hard could that be? We all know the answer – a lot harder than we think. But, as I said, I love telling stories so I started writing books. To date, I’ve written 12 books, published eight novels, one non-fiction book, have two novels still looking for homes and one, the first, languishing under my bed where it will do doubt be forever.

Because it takes me about a year to write a book, I’ve branched out and have started writing novellas, erotic novellas. Hey, I told you have a good imagination! I just published my first erotic paranormal romantic suspense novella, Mysterious Gift at Cobblestone Press.

Right now I have ideas for two more novellas and another book, but the day is early. That could change. You see, I HAVE to keep writing – or my head will blow up!

Carlene currently lives in San Diego with her husband and two huge yellow labs, Tara and Duke. She conducts a monthly free writing workshop at a local library. In her spare time, she loves reading, movies, playing with her dogs, and painting with watercolors. Visit her online here.
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  1. Please keep on writing! We don't want your head to explode! To much good information stored there :)
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