Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gay Couple Get Their Cross-Country Move "Lightened" in Oklahoma City

Everyone hates to move, right? And everyone probably has his or her own personal nightmare story about a move gone bad.

But I’d have to say that one would be hard pressed to top the moving-story-from-hell experienced by Adam and Robert. According to the Dallas Voice, the couple had decided to pack up all their belongings and move from Washington State to Dallas so they could be closer to family. Like many other people in the US these days, the couple had been affected by woes like unemployment and foreclosure.

They stopped for the night in Oklahoma City, leaving their moving truck and car attached to it outside in the motel parking lot for the night.

They booked a room with a single bed. Two grown men. Unrelated. One bed.

While they slept, the moving truck, and the attached car, were stolen. The next morning, the moving truck—with everything the couple owned—was found burned and abandoned in a field. The car was missing. You can see in the video that the couple made it out of the ordeal with pretty much only the clothes on their back and their dog.

What’s interesting is that, although Adam and Robert believe they are victims of a hate crime, the Oklahoma City Police Department begs to differ. The officials there believe the only crimes are theft and arson.

I’m with Adam and Robert, in more ways than one. First, I deeply sympathize with them. They lost everything. When they wanted a fresh start, I’m sure this isn’t what they had in mind. I can’t even imagine waking up and finding that all of my belongings, furniture, memorabilia, important papers, everything—had been stolen. But then to find not only that, but that every single item had been incinerated. Second, it’s mighty strange to me that the OCPD doesn’t view this as a hate crime. It simply doesn’t make sense that if these criminals were just out to steal a car why they wouldn’t just detach the car and take it. And if they wanted to steal the truck to make some money (as is usually the case in most thefts), why torch a truck full of valuables and not take anything? Come on!

Let’s just hope Adam and Robert’s string of bad luck ends with this catastrophe. And let’s also hope that the haters who ruined the contents of their lives are caught and brought to justice, hate crime or not.
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