Monday, July 26, 2010

Cover for Upcoming Novel TRICKS!

It's always so exciting when an artist and an author's vision mesh in the cover for a book. Such was the case was Alex Beecroft's excellent front cover for my upcoming dark romance novel from MLR Press, Tricks (tentatively scheduled for a fall release). I think this was one case where less is more (and that could be taken a lot of ways...and should). Its sheer simplicity makes this cover more eye-catching than most.

Here's a little bit about the book:

Tricks can mean many things: sex partners, deceptions, even magic. In Rick R. Reed’s searing love story, it means all three. Arliss is a gorgeous young dancer at Tricks, the hottest club in Chicago’s Boystown. Sean is the classic nerd, out of place in Tricks, but nursing his wounds from a recent break-up. When the two spy each other, magic blooms. But this opposites-attract tale does not run smooth. What happens when Arliss is approached by one of the biggest porn producers in the business? Can he make his dreams of stardom come true without throwing away the only real love he’s ever known? And will this question even matter if the mysterious producers realize their dark intentions?

And here's what some early readers have to say:

“From the beginning, Rick Reed pulls you into the world of male strippers and the seedy side of gay life, where the emotion and suspense rarely let up. With Arliss and Sean, he proves that even though opposites might attract, their love can burn forever. Sean is an unlikely hero, but proves to himself and to Arliss he's got what it takes. Arliss has just the right blend of innocence and experience, and goes straight to your heart. I hated to put it down. Tricks is definitely a keeper!”
--Lynn Lorenz, bestselling author of David’s Dilemma

“This opposites attract tale clearly shows Rick R. Reed does romance right—a little sweet, a little savory, a lot suspenseful. You can't go wrong with Rick R. Reed."
--Z.A. Maxfield, author of Notturno
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  1. This is something to look forward to. Thanks for the cover art tease!

  2. Wow, Rick! I'm really enjoying the cover and synopsis, can't wait for it's release!