Monday, August 9, 2010

A DEMON INSIDE Called A "Keeper" and Rated 5+ by Bookwenches

I am thrilled with the new review that just appeared today on the Bookwenches site. Reviewer Bobby D. Whitney says:

In his novel A Demon Inside, Rick R. Reed ventures beyond the realm of the psychological thriller and into a world of pure horror. Before you pick up this book, you may wish to prepare yourself, turn on a light or two or perhaps every lamp in the house. And then don’t expect to sleep undisturbed that night, because this, my friends, is where nightmares come from. A Demon Inside does not lead you gently into the wading pool; it shoves you into the deep end of horror. So take a deep breath or two before you dive in, because you’re probably going to need it. I certainly did. I read with wide-eyed fascination, holding my breath a time or two and enjoying every page. This story is one for my keeper shelf, because I plan to read it again, if only to remind myself what constitutes a satisfying scare..."

Read the full review here.

Purchase A Demon Inside (you can also read an excerpt here).
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