Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Garage Sale Find

Recently, I heard from a reader in Wisconsin, who had found my very first novel at a garage sale (the original is now out-of-print, so it was a good find). Anyway, the note touched me and I thought I'd share it with you here:

I always look at the books first. Today was no different. A paperback caught my eye and, soon, made me smile. The previous owner hand penciled Excellent + ! on the first page of the front matter -- the blurb page. A ringing endorsement, obviously, but from whom, I had no way of knowing.

The author, whose photo was on the inside back cover, was a handsome man with a soulful, penetrating gaze.

So where do the joy and guilt come in? I'd just found an obviously well-loved copy of Obsessed by Rick R. Reed, published by the Abyss (Dell horror) line, copyright 1991. There's the joy. The guilt? I now owe Rick royalties on 25 cents. :-)

(Seriously, I was thrilled to have found this!)

Even though that original can now only be found at used outlets and, of course, garage sales, you can still buy a copy of the reissued edition from Amazon.
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