Monday, September 6, 2010

EW Poll: The Scariest Films of the Past Decade

I have always been a sucker for horror movies. Good horror movies. They can be pretty hard to find.

That's why I was excited when I saw this poll and its results in Entertainment Weekly magazine this week. I have seen all the films on the list and actually pretty much concur with the findings, although I would put The Strangers at the top of the list. That film creeped me out big time, and I'm pretty jaded when it comes to horror. I was also disappointed that Audition, a Japanese horror movie that I would say was the most disturbing film I've ever seen and that's saying a lot. But then I looked it up and saw that it had been released just over ten years ago, so wouldn't qualify. There was one, though, that I was disappointed not to see on the list: Let the Right One In. I really, really loved that one, but it's probably pretty low on the public's radar to make a mass poll like the one below.

Anyway, here are the results of EW's poll regarding the scariest films of the last decade:

The Orphanage (4%)
Saw (6%)
28 Days Later (12%)
The Strangers (12%)
The Descent (14%)
Paranormal Activity (18%)
The Ring (27%)

Really, The Ring was the scariest? I liked it okay, but would hardly put it at the top of the list. If I were to reorder the list, I would put it in the following order, from scariest to least scariest:

The Strangers
Paranormal Activity
28 Days Later
The Descent
The Ring
The Orphanage

The last entry on my list was an excellent film, but more heartrending than scary.

What's your scariest movie of the last decade?


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  1. The Eye - Thai version (Gin Gwai?) <>

    I loved the fingers behind the white screen during the credits - tres cool

  2. I too am a sucker for horror movies, but they certainly don't make them like they use to. I haven't seen all of the movies listed but of the ones I have seen the scariest for me was Paranormal Activity (yep, slept with the lights on), followed by 28 Days Later and Saw. The Ring just didn't do it for me, and I'll have to check out The Strangers and The Orphanage.

  3. Ali...I loved THE EYE as well, great, apocalyptic ending. And Indigene, do check out THE STRANGERS and THE ORPHANAGE, both are amazing.

  4. ha!!! If you ask my sister it would be "The Ring" hands down.... because I am an evil old sister. Right after watching "the ring" I stole my mom's cell phone (not many people had cells back then *snort*) and called the house phone. My sister started screaming and freaking out and when she answered it I hissed "Seven Dayssss" yup she flipped... to this day will NOT watch "The Ring" or anything to do with it...

    I however do agree that "The Strangers" is one of the scarestist...


  5. I love your sense of humor, Jackie

  6. Actually, I don't like horror movies. I much prefer the technicolor show inside my own mind when reading a horror novel.

    Although there was a Dutch movie which haunts me to today, don't remember the title but it's about a guy whose girlfriend goes missing from a roadhouse's parking lot. He can't forget her and keeps looking for her until he meets a man who says he can tell him what happened to the girl, but he needs to let that man do to him exactly what happened to the girlfriend...this movie was remade recently. To me this is the scaries movie ever!

  7. I would have to say Orson Wells"touch of evil" it was gritty , nasty it made my skin crawl. I have to say it was good.

    But I have to say Stephen King's " The Stand" is a close second.

  8. If you're going for a spiritual scare, nothing for me beats the uncut Exorcist. The thrill kill scare: The Strangers, monster scare: 30 Days of Night, 28 Days Later and Wicked Little Things. Love the idea of zombie kids. Mental scare: The Eye, Ringu (The Ring w/ Naomi was so watered down) and Penny Dreadful with Mimi Rogers. I'm in a minority of one, I think, but Paranormal Activity did not scare me in the least. In fact, I laughed uproariously through half of it.