Thursday, December 30, 2010

FREE For Your Kindle: The Blood that Bonds by Christopher Buecheler

Whenever I see a good Kindle book for free, I like to share it with you. And a vampire tale about a heroin-addicted prostitute? Say no more. Get it quick, because these titles often do not stay free for long.

Product Description
Two is trapped: hooked on heroin, held as property, forced to sell her body to feed the addiction. Time brings her ever closer to what seems an inevitable death and Two waits, uncaring, longing only for the next fix.

That’s when Theroen arrives, beckoning to his Ferrari and grinning his inscrutable grin. He is handsome. Confident. Eager to help lift her out of the life that’s grinding her down.

The only problem? Theroen is a vampire.

His blood can cure her addiction, grant her powers she has never had, change her forever into something greater than she was. But when he sinks his teeth into her neck, Theroen also thrusts Two into a world of danger, violence, madness and despair. The powerful, twisted elder Abraham will use her arrival to shatter the uneasy peace that exists in his mansion, bringing an end to the dark game he has been playing for centuries.

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  1. I need to take a longer vacation to catch up on the reading. This is a VERY good problem to have. Many thanks, Rick!

  2. Thanks Rick - appreciate the heads-up on this :-)