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Notable New Release from Ali Katz: BROTHER'S KEEPER

His Brother's Keeper
by Ali Katz
Publisher: Loose Id
Cover Art: Justin James
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What happens to romance when the honeymoon is over? Eventually, real life will interrupt: jobs, finances, sickness, disaster, kids, the age old question of who's turn it is to do the dishes tonight. Few couples lead lives so charmed they never have to deal with these things. The raging heat of passion is reduced to a simmer when family takes over.

His Brother's Keeper, affectionately referred to by my friends and crit partners as HBK, is one family's story.

Sal and Jess are from different worlds. Sal knows how to love. He's watched his parents practice for-better-or-worse his whole life. Jess, who's homelife revolved around taking care of his little brother, is still learning.

But, when disaster strikes, it's Jess in the driver's seat with Sal riding shotgun. Romance, however, is forced into the back seat for a while and love becomes the fuel that keeps them going..

More than a romance, HBK is a love story. I hope it touches you in some way.

 After six months, Jess and Sal are still living the honeymoon - sex in the hall, sex on the stairs, sex on the kitchen floor. Life couldn't be more perfect.

Enter Jess's little brother, Teddy.

A kid is the last thing the lovers need, especially a sullen, troubled teen, with far too much baggage, but Teddy needs them, and when life throws a curve, real men swing.

A kid in the house, however, means getting together is no longer just a matter of wrestling to see who's going to top, or stashing little bottles of lube in convenient places. It takes innovation - they haven't tried the laundry room in the garage -- and discretion -- hard to be discreet if your lover crows when he comes. Watching Teddy bloom makes the daily challenges worthwhile. They manage.

Their little family is just beginning to take on a healthy new shape when Teddy is viciously attacked and Sal comes under suspicion.

Now, where and when take second place to if and but. The ultimate test begins as they fight to hold fast to love and family while merciless forces work to rip them apart.

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Ebook Addicts
"His Brother's Keeper by Ali Katz is one of those stories that linger on long past the time youíve read the last words. Part of it is the subject matter, but a bigger part is the depth of the characters and their come-to-life personalities. Dear heaven, Sal and Jess are wonderful, both individually and as a couple. The love that they share, the still-new excitement of their being together rolls off the pages and leave me somewhat enviousÖ I remember those days!" ~~Kathy K, Reviews at Ebook Addict

Michele 'n Jeff Reviews
"... a beautifully told story about a young man who doesnít want to be defined, he simply wants to be. I discovered a book that deals with the evolving and ever broadening concept of a family and what it means to fit in. I experienced the emotional and sometimes tragic exploration of a boy who tried, and often failed, to understand his place in the world, until he found someone to whom he truly wanted to belong.

In the light of the current events surrounding GLBTQ teens, Teddyís story may be more relevant than ever. Ali Katz tells this story skillfully and with compassion, taking the reader along on an often painful, ultimately uplifting journey that left me wanting to know Teddy better." Lisa, Michele 'n Jeff Reviews Brother's Keeper

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  1. HBK is one of those books I wish I'd written. It's piercing, and passages come to mind months after the last word is read.

  2. Thank you, Amber. That's high praise from the author of The Huntsmen Bareback, one of my first and favorite M/M reads. You've made my day :D

  3. Sorry I'm so late. I wouldn't have missed this for the world. His Brother's Keeper is one of my favorites from Ali's! Hearttouching and unforgetable.

  4. Ali is a master story teller. The great reviews tell no lie.

  5. HBK is one of those stories receiving international interest because it is so masterfully written.
    Well done, Ali.

  6. And thank YOU Ali, for gracing my blog with your incredible presence. My door is always open to you.