Thursday, January 13, 2011

OUT ON THE NET Reviewed by Brief Encounters and Gets a B+

Brief Encounters, the new m/m short m/m romance review site, gave my coming-out story OUT ON THE NET a B+. Jenre said,

"As well as being humorous, this story was also very romantic as Ray looks for the one man with whom he can settle down. His observations on the seedier side of being gay, including his discovery of a glory hole, may have produced most of the comedy, but his relationship with the man of his dreams was one of the highlights for me and left me with the warm fuzzies at the end."

Read the whole review.


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  1. My Rick R. Reed weekend has begun. I'm on pg 188 of IM, and am loathe to stop for RL obligations...

    Next up is Orientation, then Tricks. I don't yet own Out on the Net...but, what the hell, what's one more book?

    Oh Rick, what you do to us slaves to your work...

  2. Thanks so much, Tracy, for making my day. Please let me know what you think about the books.

  3. I finished IM last night and Orientation this afternoon.

    It amazes me how each of the 10 stories I’ve read have been completely different, except for one thing; the writing is always absolutely paralyzing. Point in fact: My spouse’s attempts to pull me away from IM:

    “Don’t forget we’re going to the game tonight.”

    Not looking up from my reader, I answer: “I won’t.”

    Some unknown space of time passes and my spouse re-enters our room. “We have to leave in a half-hour.”

    “Okay, I just want to finish this chapter.”

    Presumably a half-hour passes and my spouse cautiously approaches me again. “I’m going to go start the car.”

    “Can I just meet you there?”


    IM literally had me sitting on the edge of my seat; unable and unwilling to do anything but read to the end of the page, click the arrow down key and repeat.

    Orientation was both heart-wrenching and hopeful; the kind of story that will linger for a long time. I love the idea that when we’re done here, we may not be finished.

    On to Tricks….

  4. I am so pleased I could, ahem, grip you so much. Thank you for the kind words!