Friday, January 21, 2011

Sparkling New Review for OUT ON THE NET

There's nothing better for a writer than when a reader/reviewer "gets" his or her work. That's exactly what happened with this review of my coming-out story Out on the Net--the reviewer not only understrood what I was trying to do, but the book resonated with her emotionally as well.

In part, reviewer C. Zampa (on Miz Love Loves Books) said:

"When did I fall for Ray? Soon after he’d come out of the closet, when reality dawned on him. He’d made the leap, landed, then looked around at his new life and panicked. He blogged, What had I done? I threw away all my hopes for a future, for a family, for a nice, tidy small town life. I had no one. Would I ever find someone to love?

Reading that, even now, my heart hurts. It is so real, too real. But it's something Reed--in that one little thought--brought home so clearly, so powerfully, that so intimately let this reader into Ray's soul. The hero had made the turn in the crossroad. The path ahead of him was going to be a huge unknown and, like any human, he was afraid."

Read the entire, well-written review (that they call "not-a-review" for some reason) here.

Buy Out on the Net here.

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  1. Hey, I'm the only one on the review site who gets to call it a 'not-a-review' I call them reviews, than I can't restrict myself to only books I love. My diatribes are usually only babbling about lovely characters. And my new buddy Ray was just that. A lovely, lovely character. Well done, Rick Reed!