Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sample 60 Saturday: BASHED

Every Saturday, until I run out of books--or decide to go to page 70--I will present an excerpt, page 60, from one of my books. No matter what it says--funny, filthy, scary, dumb, or tantalizing--you'll get it here.

And I'd love to hear what you think. Leave a comment below and let me know if this made you want to read more.

Let's continue the chronological tour with my ghostly hate-crime love story, Bashed. Bashed recently got a great review from Gerry B's Book Reviews. The reviewer said: "...character development is one of the very strong points of this novel; standing side-by-side with a cleverly constructed plot that keeps the reader involved from start to finish. “Masterful” is a term that comes to mind, again and again." But enough about the review, let's get to the sample...

Three haters. Two lovers. And a collision course with tragedy.

That October night, Donald and Mark had no idea their lives and love were about to be shattered by fag bashers, intent on pain, and armed with ridicule, fists, and an aluminum baseball bat. Bashed charts the course of a journey that encompasses suspense, horror, and--ultimately--romance.

Page 60:
“But that’s all, just a look. I’m not promising anything here.” And Mark had smiled and Donald knew why: Mark understood that if he could get Donald in the same room with the puppies, he would not be able to refuse him when he asked to bring one home.

He was right.

Donald remembered that today was the day they had scheduled to go look at the litter, now eight weeks old. He imagined them in the Prius, headed west on Golf Road, toward a litter of puppies, with thoughts of expanding their family on his mind. He saw how restless Mark would be, practically unable to sit back in his seat with anticipation. He saw and understood how it was he, Donald, who would really get the pleasure from this trip, giving Mark this wondrous gift of new life.

Finally, finally, Donald staggered back to the couch, collapsed on it, covered his face, and wept.

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  1. I read Bashed and enjoyed it. I thought you were very even-handed on showing what happened on both sides of the story and the consequences of the actions of the perpetrators.