Monday, April 18, 2011

4 out of 5 Stars for How I Met My Man

Somehow, I missed this very positive review of my short romantic/suspense story HOW I MET MY MAN when it appeared on Reviews by Jessewave on April 7.

If you are as clueless as I was, perhaps you might care to check the 4 out of 5 star review for the story, in which Feliz said, in part,

"...a pretty good suspense story, laced with a trace of creepiness which was mostly created through the characterizations. None of the cast is what they seem to be...All in all, this was a solid, skillfully written piece of entertainment of the darker, eerier sort which I really enjoyed."

Read the whole review here.

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How a guy meets his man can happen in a dozen different ways: online, at a bar, through friends, at a masquerade party...or even at the scene of a murder...

The road to love is seldom straight, and for Stephen Embert, that road couldn’t possibly be more crooked. First, he arrives home to find an anonymous card in his mailbox that says, “I’ve been inside your house,” then comes the midnight home invasion. But Stephen forgets these disturbing occurrences a month later when he attends a masquerade party and hopes to finally meet Mr. Right.

But who is the stranger in black with the disturbing emotionless mask following him? And why does the stranger always get in the way of Stephen hooking up with Jeffrey, the angelic and nearly naked leather hunk, who wants nothing more than to get Stephen alone for some romance?

Appearances are not always what they seem, and discovering true love can sometimes be a matter of life and death...

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