Monday, May 23, 2011

4.25 stars out of five for DIGNITY TAKES A HOLIDAY from the Bookwenches

One of my favorite reviewing sites, the Bookwenches, gave a very favorable review for my "sitcom for the taste-challenged in 24 episodes", Dignity Takes a Holiday. About my oddball love story, reviewer Bobby D. Whitney said, in part:

"Pete Thickwhistle, forty-seven year old virgin and full-time mama’s boy, is looking for love. Unfortunately, love doesn’t reciprocate. What is looking for him is a whole lot of trouble, more than his fair share of humiliation, and a generous serving of maternal abuse. Pete is a bumbling, walking faux pas with no fashion sense ...But when Pete looks in the mirror, he doesn’t see a loser...He sees a dude magnet. Ever hopeful, perpetually positive, and hornier than a lovestruck rhinoceros, Pete knows that Mr. Right is just around the next corner...Pete is determined find him, even if he has to sacrifice his non-existent dignity to do it...if you’re looking for larger-than-life and sometimes gross-out, bathroom humor that doesn’t take anything – least of all itself – seriously, then you may just want to give Dignity Takes a Holiday a shot..."

Read the whole review here:

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