Friday, January 27, 2012

10 Confessions

A friend of mine was passing this around via e-mail and I, always on the lookout for a good blog post, thought I'd share it with you. The idea is to share 10 very personal things about yourself. Mine are below (no snickering). If you're feeling adventurous or revealing, maybe you'll reveal your own ten confessions after mine.

1. Sometimes, when I'm just about to fall asleep or am particularly stressed, I still suck my thumb.
2. I am old enough to remember the Herman's Hermits and my older sister and cousin going to see them at Cobo Hall in Detroit.
3. My favorite show (and I was a fanatic) as a child was Dark Shadows.
4. The first time I ever had sex was my senior year of high school was with a girl in the front seat of her car in the parking lot of an elementary school (it was late at night).
5. For me, The Peoples Court and Judge Judy are guilty pleasures.
6. I'm not sure of the clinical definition of addictive personality, but I probably have one.
7. I believe I self hypnotize when I write.
8. I laugh in my sleep and often laugh so hard, I wake myself (and my partner) up.
9. I cry very easily. A Hallmark commercial can bring a tear to my eye.
10. I have never been to San Francisco.

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  1. As Artie Johnson used to say on "Laugh-In"..."Vel-ly Intellesting." Love the photo, btw. Where is it hanging?

  2. LOL Thanks for giving an insight to you.

  3. isn't "hanging" anywhere (and I will eschew comments about being well hung). It's just a photo manipulation.

  4. I read your article out loud to my daughter because I thought laughing in your sleep was so cute and fun. She wanted me to tell you it means you have a great sense of humor and will live long. Then she said, Mom,you honestly are weirder, you moan in your sleep like you are in pain. This I had no idea I did. Now I know why they used to ask me every morning if I was okay. I also get why my husband is still a horn dog. I love my horn dog!

  5. Who doesn't love a horn dog? They're my favorite breed.

  6. I've been to San Fran but never left the airport...does that count? LOL

  7. I doubt that you got the real flavor of the city, so I'm gonna say no. Sorry. Maybe we should plan a trip together?

  8. I dont know why I'm closed to love. I watch movies about it, I read about it and listen to music about, but in my life, it just doesnt work....and I know its a choice I've made.