Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Now Available in eBook! Like a Chinese Tattoo!


Unusual, weird and wonderful, herein are twelve stories from the minds of four supremely talented — and twisted — authors.

From the curse of the living dead to vengeance from beyond the grave, from the darkest corner of Africa to the bowels of the local cemetery, these tales are as unique and as mysterious as…well, a Chinese Tattoo!

For fans of JA Konrath's Jack Daniels mystery series, this collection includes a Harry McGlade novella, "The Necro Files." (McGlade also appears in the Suckers novelette from Delirium Books, co-written with Dark Arts Books alum Jeff Strand).

In addition to the hysterical "Necro Files," the book offers Rick R. Reed's dark vamopire tale "Purfleet," David Thomas Lord's deceptively creepy "The White Room" and Cullen Bunn's darkly horrifying "Tomorrow, When The Demons Come" (as well as "Granny Kisses," one of Cullen's insanely twisted World Horror Convention Gross-Out stories!)

And those are just a few of the 12 offerings!

Order for your Kindle.

…a brilliant collection of work from four talented authors, all of whom bring something sick and dripping to the table.
-Rue Morgue

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