Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Review for CAREGIVER

And the good reviews keep rolling in! Today, I woke up to a lovely review of the book from Carol Zampa on Miz Love Loves Books.

In part, Carol said:

"There is a romance in Caregiver. It, too, is thick with the reality of the era—guilt for one’s fears of sexual relations with a stricken lover, guilt for daring to love another after that loved one is gone, and the effect that the fear of such a mysterious disease has on attempts at new relationships.

"Some authors might consult the medical dictionaries for diseases and ailments to incorporate into their romances for drama, and then here comes a novel penned by a man who wrote first-hand, from his heart, the real thing. Rick Reed’s story is one of those treasures where a fictional story has, at its beautiful heart, a big truth that can only be told from true life. From the soul of a man who was there in the trenches and who used his talent—his gift—and his knowledge to share it with us."

Read the whole review here

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  1. Congratualtions, Rick! The review was stellar--and I need to read Caregiver sooner rather than later. It's actually next on my eReader, I just need the time. :)