Friday, June 1, 2012

New Review for A DEMON INSIDE

I was very pleased to wake up this morning and find a message from TwoLips Reviews, saying they had reviewed my gothic romantic chiller, A Demon Inside. The reviewer, Tina, gave the book five stars (or in their parlance, lips)--their highest rating. Tina called A Demon Inside, "...a mysterious and gripping book from the first page..."

Read the whole review here.

Read an excerpt and buy your own copy of A Demon Inside here.

Hunter Beaumont doesn't understand his grandmother's deathbed wish: "Destroy Beaumont House." He'd never even heard of the place. But after his grandmother passes and his first love betrays him, the family house in the Wisconsin woods looks like a tempting refuge. Going against his grandmother's wishes, Hunter flees to Beaumont House.

But will the house be the sanctuary he had hoped for? Soon after moving in, Hunter realizes he may not be alone. And with whom---or what---he shares the house may plunge him into a nightmare from which he may never escape. Sparks fly when he meets his handsome neighbor, a caretaker for the estate next door, but is the man salvation... or is he the source of Hunter's terror?
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