Friday, August 10, 2012

Just Two More Weeks Until CHASER Releases!

Counting down the days until the release of my quirky little love story, CHASER, on August 24 from Dreamspinner Press. Just two more weeks!

So much heart went into this story. I think you're going to like it.

Here's what it's about:

Caden DeSarro is what they call a chubby chaser. He likes his guys with a few extra pounds on them. So when he meets Kevin Dodge in a bar bathroom, he can’t help but stare, even if he does make an ass of himself. As far as Caden is concerned, Kevin is physically perfect: a stocky bearded blond with a dick that’s just right. (They met in the bathroom—of course he looked!) But Caden gets tongue-tied and misses his chance.

When Caden runs into Kevin one night on the El train, he figures it’s fate offering him a second shot. Caden manages to get invited back to Kevin's place for a one-night stand that turns into the kind of relationship he’s dreamed about.

But the course of true love never did run smooth, and Kevin and Caden’s romance is no exception. When Caden returns from a few weeks away on business, Kevin surprises him with a new and “improved” body—one that fits Caden’s shallow friend Bobby’s ideal, not Caden’s. Caden doesn’t know what to do, and his hesitation is just the opportunity Bobby was looking for. This isn’t the same Kevin he fell in love with… is it?

And here's an exclusive excerpt:

Caden weaved through the crowd, which seemed to have grown exponentially since he and Bobby had arrived. He practically had to shove and elbow his way to the john; the restless sea of bodies, constantly shifting, offered no clear path.

The three beers pressed urgently as he finally made his way inside the high-tech confines of the main floor men’s room. Caden imagined his bladder as a balloon ready to pop.

With relief, he sidled up to the long trough urinal, and with no pretensions or shyness, hauled himself out of his jeans, letting the stream, which had been threatening to erupt since he left Bobby standing along the wall, free. Surprisingly, he was alone. He sighed with relief, bracing himself with one hand on the wall above him and the other hosing the stainless steel urinal. He closed his eyes with the pleasure of the simple release.

Perhaps because his eyes were shut and he was so completely absorbed in the simple act of urination, he didn’t hear someone else enter the restroom.

“Life’s simple pleasures are the best, huh?”

The deep voice jerked Caden’s eyes open. Startled, he turned toward the voice, dick still in hand, and still working out those last few dribbles.

“Whoa! Didn’t come in here for a golden shower for Christ’s sake.”

“Sorry!” Caden said, breathless with shame and embarrassment. He turned back to the urinal and shook himself off, staring hard at the wall, feeling his face burning.

Of all people to come into the bathroom at just that moment, it just had to be the object of his affection—the beefy blond. What a lovely first impression nearly pissing on another human being makes! Caden imagined that if the guy saw him again around town, he would forever be “that guy who almost pissed on me at Sidetrack. And it wasn’t even a kinky thing!”

But Caden, in spite of all his mortification, was still enough of a gay man to use the opportunity to check out the blond’s equipment. Wasn’t that how it always was, he thought, with gay men? A building could be burning down around you, you could be on the deck of sinking ship, on an airliner hurtling toward earth, in the midst of a natural disaster—earthquake, tornado, or hurricane—and you’d still, if fate offered it, grab a gander at another guy’s dick.

Why, it was only natural!

Check out Chaser on its Dreamspinner Press page.
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