Saturday, November 10, 2012

My "Face of Gay"

For some time now, author Kage Alan has been collecting the stories of gay men and women and their allies in a blog series called "The Face of Gay."

I am honored to participate in this project and share my own--and deeply personal--face of gay.

My story begins:

The Many Different Faces of Gay—Photographs and Memories (Rick Reed)
This blog series, the Face of Gay, has demonstrated one thing to me very clearly—while there are common human threads that run through all of these thoughtful and often poignant posts, there is also a unique “face of gay” for each person who sits down to open their heart to readers.

For me, when I considered my own “face of gay” it was like looking through a box of old photos...

To read my story (and see lots of photographs from my past), go here. And while you're there, check out the sixteen other Faces of're sure to come away amused, thoughtful, and touched.

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