Monday, November 4, 2013

My review of DOCTOR SLEEP

Since almost as far back as I can remember, I have been a diehard fan of Mr. King. His latest book, Doctor Sleep a sequel (some 30 years later) to The Shining was not a disappointment. Here are my thoughts:

I know many people had very high expectations for this one. It is, after all, a sequel to one of King's masterworks, THE SHINING. However, I urge readers to come to DOCTOR SLEEP with no expectations. In the end, for me, the book is a masterful work, more about battling and triumphing over our personal demons as opposed to the horror kind. King gives us here a grown-up and very flawed Danny from THE SHINING and takes us on a fascinating journey of redemption. The way King writes about addiction and its torments rings very true. The horror aspect of the story, too, was handled very well and originally. It was a masterstroke of brilliance on King's part to create a whole new breed of monsters as he has done here. They are terrifying and real. I highly recommend this one, both as a sequel and as a moving and thought-provoking standalone novel.
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