Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Good Karma, Good Books: DIVERSION by Eden Winters

Every Wednesday, I put on my pimp clothes (you should see me!) and help promote the new or old work of some of my favorite fellow authors. Be sure to stop by every week and see what’s new. This week, I’m all about DIVERSION by fellow author and very dear friend, Eden Winters. 

Here’s what Eden has to say about DIVERSION:

"My day job is in pharmaceuticals and the title for DIVERSION, the first novel in the DIVERSION series started with an article about a gang who stole a tractor-trailer load of drugs from a truck stop. In reality, the heist took two and a half minutes to pull off. My version required five, because even I found two and a half to be a bit unbelievable, although it is true. And because I believe in good triumphing over evil, my thief turned out to be a good guy--now--a reformed trafficker who's working off a ten year sentence by teaching the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau the tricks of his former trade.

The title has duel meaning, as do all the titles in this series. This one because the series deals with pharmaceutical drug diversion, but also because the main characters are two undercover agents who agreed to use each other as a diversion while on assignment (at least, that's how it started out). The other books in the series are COLLUSION, CORRUPTION, MANIPULATION, and REDEMPTION."

There are good guys, bad guys, and then there’s Lucky.

Former drug trafficker Richmond “Lucky” Lucklighter flaunts his past like a badge of honor. He speaks his mind, doesn’t play nice, and flirts with disaster while working off his sentence with the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau. If he can keep out of trouble a while longer he’ll be a free man–after he trains his replacement.

Textbook-quoting, by the book Bo Schollenberger is everything Lucky isn’t. Lucky slurps coffee, Bo lives caffeine free. Lucky worships bacon, Bo eats tofu. Lucky trusts no one, Bo calls suspects by first name. Yet when the chips are down on their shared case of breaking up a drug diversion ring, they may have more in common than they believe.

Two men. Close quarters. Friction results in heat. But Lucky scoffs at partnerships, no matter how thrilling the roller-coaster. Bo has two months to break down Lucky’s defenses… and seconds are ticking by. 



  1. Thanks for letting me take over your blog, Rick. And you gotta wear those pimp clothes at GRL. Just sayin'! Big hugs.

    1. Thanks for being here, Eden. DIVERSIONS sounds like a great read.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful story, Eden! Having read your work for a couple of years now, I enjoy how much you put into the details, so a reader KNOWS it's accurate!

    1. Aww... thanks! Some folks say "write what you know", and while it's fun to learn new things for a book, it was surprising to discover how much I already knew about the topic, thanks to my day job.