Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Good Karma, Good Books: More than a Suit: John by J.D. Walker

Every Wednesday, I put on my pimp clothes (I favor feathered hats and zebra prints with a little crushed velvet) and help promote the new or old work of some of my favorite fellow authors. Be sure to stop by every week and see what’s new. 

This week, I’m all about "More than a Suit: John" by J.D. Walker.

Here’s what J.D. says about "More than a Suit:"

In the first book of the More Than A Suit series, John DeWitt came across as someone who's main interest in life was sex, with work a close second.

 I felt there was more to his character, so I explored that in the second story of the series. It was important that John tell the world who he really was, and our assumptions about him be damned!


John DeWitt loves men and sex, as well as his job as a junior analyst with EnerGen International. Wei Pearce, club owner and judgmental jerk extraordinaire, thinks John’s just a loose, brainless twit who’ll do anything to take more men into his bed, and treats him like a pariah.

John has to prove to Wei that he’s wrong about him, and when he does, sparks fly in the best way possible. But will those sparks burn through the barriers between John and Wei to forge something new and lasting?

Amber Quill
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