Thursday, November 12, 2015

Good Karma, Good Books: Desert Run by Marshall Thornton

Every Wednesday, I put on my pimp clothes (I favor feathered hats and zebra prints

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This week, I’m all about DESERT RUN by Marshall Thornton.

Here’s what Marshall has to say about what makes DESERT RUN unique:

I wrote this in 2010 before I understood much about the m/m romance community. About a year after I wrote it I found out that it’s what’s called a Gay-For-You story - though when I wrote it I considered it more of a bisexual story. The first sex scene is actually het, which I included for the character’s arc. When I wrote that scene I was very concerned that it be accurate - or at least not outright wrong - so I ran it by a couple of female friends. What I didn’t know at the time was that a lot of m/m readers would have preferred that I skip that scene entirely.


Palm Springs, 1973. On the lam after killing a mobster’s son in a bar fight, Don Harris hides out as a piano player in a Palm Springs restaurant until he’s accidentally found out. Broke and desperate, he walks into an unfamiliar bar where he meets... 

Harlan, the secret lover of a well-known movie star. Stashed away in the sleepy resort, Harlan is bored and often alone which is why he’s spending the afternoon in his favorite gay bar. 

When the two meet, Don thinks he’s using Harlan for a place to hide out but slowly realizes he’s falling for the kid. Don knows he shouldn’t get involved but can’t help but step in when Harlan gets into trouble. To save himself, Don’s got to save Harlan. Jamie does, will he turn out to be the ideal candidate for the vacant position of boyfriend?

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