Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Rave Review of THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR from The Novel Approach

It's a given that authors are going to be happy when they get a good review on their work. But it means even more when the review is smart, incisive, and doesn't give away the whole plot of the book. Lisa at The Novel Approach recently gave a huge thumbs up to my romantic suspense novel, The Couple Next Door, and I'm not only grateful for the praise, but for the discretion in holding back on revealing the book's two major twists.

In part, Lisa at The Novel Approach said:

Written in the present tense, the narrative is delivered in a real-time way that places the reader directly into every scene along with the characters. The rising action finally culminates in a tension-filled, make-or-break, do-or-die moment that kept me turning pages to the very end, an end that offers a lovely payoff for all the anxiety inducing moments along the way. The Couple Next Door is a great read when you’re looking for a good old fashioned nail biter.

Read the rest of the review here.

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  1. Angela:

    indeed a great review :) I read The Couple Next Door last week and i really liked it and i agree that this book is best read without reading spoilers.