Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Good Karma, Good Books: (Un)Masked by Anyta Sunday & Andrew Q. Gordon

Every Wednesday, I put on my pimp clothes (zoot suits, feathered hats, platform shoes, and the like) and introduce you to something new and wonderful in the literary world. This week, I’m excited to shine a spotlight on (Un)Masked by Anyta Sunday & Andrew Q. Gordon

Here's what Andrew has to say about their book:
"(Un)Masked will always be special to me for so many reasons. It was the first book I'd had published stands out as a big reason, but even more meaningful to me is that Anyta was living in the Pittsburgh at the time and that was only a five hour drive from DC. While we were working on the book she came to visit a few times and I got to meet her and her family face to face. During the time we were working on the book and getting it ready for submission, my daughter was born. Right before the book came out, Anyta came for a last visit before they returned to Germany. I will forever have this imagine in my mind of her son dancing in my TV room in front of 'lil q. It was like he was trying to teach her to dance.  To me,(Un)Masked will always be associated with that time in my life and the friendship that it deepened.
Regarding the book, it's hard to pigeon hole the story. It's mostly a contemporary romance, set in New Zealand, but it has a small paranormal bent. It's small, but very important to the story. In Jay and Lethe's world magic is not common. People don't know it exists, except if it affects them, like it does Lethe and by extension, Jay. 
"(Un)Masked is going to play with your emotions. It will take you on a journey of love, loss, sacrifice and a deep abiding friendship. And if you like your paranormal just a bit different, I think you should check out this book.."

Jay Walker has two wishes: to perform the play of his dreams alongside his best friend at Wellington’s Tory Street Theatre, and to meet that special someone. Someone he’d go to the ends of the earth for. Someone who might only exist in fairy tales.

When Jay meets accordion busker Lethe Cross, it’s like living a dream come true. Lethe’s music captivates Jay, and he resolves to meet the man who plays so beautifully. But then he discovers Lethe’s life is more like a nightmare. The phrase “down on his luck” can’t begin to cover it. Determined to help, Jay does some snooping for answers—and winds up on the wrong end of a centuries-old curse. The good news is there’s a way to break it. The bad news is it might cost Jay his life.



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