Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Good Karma, Good Books: Catching Her Balance by B. Thatcher

Every Wednesday, I put on my pimp clothes (zoot suits, feathered hats, platform shoes, and the like) and introduce you to something new and wonderful in the literary world. This week, I’m excited to shine a spotlight on Catching Her Balance by B. Thatcher

"This book is special to me because I adore futuristic romance, and often I'm feeling all alone in my love of them.  For me, the entire idea of forging a connection, discovering the magic and the majesty of love, among the incalculable vistas of the skies must be a breathtaking experience. Yes, I gaze at the stars often...and dream."
Jenna Markkus's exquisite, genetically engineered face and form conceals a lifetime of pain. Beloved of her Papa? No. Tool used in pursuit of her Papa's rise to power? Yes. But enough is enough. Derrick Vittalar is her first, best hope for a life free of servitude and cruelty. All she needs to do is catch his eye.
Derrick Vittalar has no expectation that this political conference will be any different than the umpteen ones he's endured before. Speeches, conferences, and occasional sport with a comely girl can't be all there is to his life.
Indeed, no. Change arrives in the form of an intergalactic coup announced by his abduction. Thrown together by mischance and conspiracy, Derrick and Jenna find a way to thwart the rebellion, repel an invading army, and fall in love..


B. Thatcher (Brenda) began reading romance novels in middle school. Her passion for that genre has continued to this day. Her passion for that genre has continued to this day. Love among the stars has always been a glorious fantasy. It started early, with Kirk and the Green Girls of Trek, Han and Leah, and even her of dreams finding her own star-struck lover among those unlimited vistas.

Blessed to live among the glory and grandeur of the USA’s Pacific Northwest, she shares her home with three cats, a tank of fish, her dreams and many, many daily critter visitors.

B. Thatcher also writes erotic romance under the penname of Michelle Robbins.

Come play among her imaginings. She promises that it won’t hurt.

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