Saturday, May 21, 2016

Social Media Comparison Sickness

I admit it. Even though I'm not a religious person at all, I love the writing (and the wisdom of John Pavlovitz). I'm a fan.

What he had to say the other day about how social media can get under our skins really hit home. He ended with what I'm pasting below, but I encourage you to read his whole post here.

People’s lives are never as magical as they appear.
We’re all faking it and hoping others will believe us.

Everyone’s a mess.
Everyone is insecure.
We all feel like frauds.
We all feel ugly.
We all feel like we’re falling short.
Our marriages are all challenging, our kids all exhausting, our careers all frustrating, our bodies all failing.

We all worried about our waistlines and hairlines and bottom lines.
Every one of us feels like everyone else on the planet has their junk so much more together—so let’s stop making ourselves sick.
Friend, we each have a solitary sacred space we fill in this world; the families, friendships, marriages, careers, relationships that we alone occupy. The key to overcoming comparison sickness, is to treasure and revere that space. It is to covet the lives we already have.

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