Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jon Michaelsen stops by today to talk about his new book, Prince of the Sea. It's an amazing and romantic read that asks the question, "Can a broken heart find love in the depths of the ocean?". Check  out the details below!

Jonathan Lemke thought spending two weeks alone with his partner in a beachside cottage would help rekindle the lost passion of their ten-year union. He’d chosen Tybee Island, a quiet seaside community on the Georgia coast east of Historic Savannah. He grew up on the pristine shores of the barrier islet, a place that continues to hold a special place in his heart.

The romantic surprise backfires when Paul, Jonathan’s partner, rushes off to Chicago for the chance to woo a high profile client, leaving Jonathan alone and brokenhearted, but a chance meeting with a mysterious stranger linked to an ancient island legend just might provide a chance at discovering forever love.

However, someone with strong familial ties to Tybee is intent on exposing its secrets, and avenging a grudge decades in the making. An assailant so threatened by the forces of nature that defy explanation, he’ll stop at nothing to unmask the revered island lore…even if he must kill to prove it.

Will Jonathan survive the assailant’s attempts at revenge? Or can a childhood friend save him from certain death?

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